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Nine Products from Konica Minolta, Including AccurioPress C6100, a Digital Printing System, Certified as Compliant with HCD-PP, Evaluation Criteria for International Security Standards

February 5, 2019

Tokyo (February 5, 2019) - Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) is pleased to announce that the following nine products, including the digital printing system AccurioPress C6100, have been certified as being compliant with the Protection Profile for Hardcopy Devices, 1.0 (HCD-PP), evaluation criteria for international security standards, ISO/IEC 15408 for digital MFPs (multi-functional peripherals).

HCD-PP-compliant products:

- Digital printing systems AccurioPress C6100, AccurioPress C6085, AccurioPress C2070
AccurioPress C2070P, AccurioPress C2060, AccurioPress 6136
AccurioPress 6136P, AccurioPress 6120

- Production printing system bizhub PRO 1100

AccurioPress C6100

HCD-PP, or Protection Profile for Hardcopy Devices, was developed as security requirements that must be met for the Japanese and U.S. governments when procuring MFPs. Especially, to be certified as HCD-PP compliant, manufacturers are required to meet extremely strict conditions when verifying the effectiveness of encryption of data storage and communication security.

Thus, the HCD-PP certification granted to Konica Minolta proves that its products listed above incorporate high-level security measures that can protect users against the latest threats. Konica Minolta is confident that these products will reduce the risk of loss or leakage of information assets of customers.

Enhancement of Security Level of MFPs

Recently, an increasing number of IT and information system users are suffering losses and damage caused by problems such as unauthorized access, virus infection and information leakage, highlighting the importance of taking stronger security measures for MFPs.

Konica Minolta has constantly strengthened measures against security risks by incorporating the latest security functions into its MFPs so that customers can use its products without fear of security threats. To be specific, all Konica Minolta MFPs offer the following capabilities: restricting the use of network protocols; preventing unauthorized access via networks through IP filtering; managing the use of MFPs through user authentication; and encrypting communication data and HDs.

HCD-PP requires that the effectiveness of the encryption algorithm for data security and the ability of MFPs to prevent modification of firmware be verified using a real machine. By meeting these requirements, a manufacturer can objectively guarantee that its MFPs can successfully manage security risks, e.g., preventing document data stored in a leased MFP from being leaked after it is returned to the lessor or disposed of, and protecting against unauthorized modification of firmware.

Konica Minolta has put priority on obtaining third-party certifications, and recognizes the effectiveness of using the latest evaluation criteria to enhance the security features of its products. Thus, Konica Minolta is determined to make more products compliant with HCD-PP.

HCD-PP-Compliant Product

Digital Printing System Series: AccurioPress C6100/C6085

With the Intelligent Quality Optimiser IQ-501, as well as auto density adjustment, color management and front-to-back registration capabilities, this flagship digital printing system series enhances the productivity of printing companies.

Digital Printing System Series: AccurioPress C2070/C2070P/C2060

This multi-role production printing system series is designed to meet user needs for a wider range of print business services with its compatibility with a greater variety of media, ranging from thick paper to envelopes, and long paper.

Digital Printing System Series: AccurioPress 6136/6136P/6120

With the highest productivity, reliability and labor-saving performance in its class, this high-end monochrome digital printing system series accelerates the transfer from offset and increases working efficiency.

Production Printing System: bizhub PRO 1100

This monochrome digital printing system boasts high productivity and printing quality and meets the needs of diverse users ranging from printing companies to centralized reprographics departments of companies, government offices and schools.


HCD-PP was developed as security requirements that must be met for the Japanese and U.S. governments when procuring MFPs, under the leadership of the Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA), a Japanese certification body, and the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP), the U.S. government’s IT security certification body, in cooperation with MFP manufacturers and evaluation organizations. Since 2017, HCD-PP has been listed as a certified protection profile (security requirement specifications) on the official website of the Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement (CCRA), an international mutual recognition framework for ISO/IEC 15408. Accordingly, the abovementioned nine HCD-PP-compliant products are recognized as being capable of providing sufficient protection against security threats in 30 CCRA member countries, mainly the U.S. and European countries.

*Protection Profile for Hardcopy Devices, 1.0 dated September 10, 2015

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