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Konica Minolta Launches LED Dome System
That Produces 360-degree Images on a Domed Display

July 31, 2019

Tokyo (July 31, 2019) - Konica Minolta Planetarium Co., Ltd. (Konica Minolta) announced that the company has launched the world’s LED Dome System in Japan and Korea.

Unlike the conventional projector-based dome system widely used today, the LED Dome System produces images by using LED elements that emit light by themselves. Characterized by higher luminance and wider color gamut, the system can reproduce highly realistic and beautiful starry skies of unprecedented quality.

Konica Minolta has acquired the exclusive rights to sell the LED Dome System in the Japanese and Korean markets by concluding a partnership agreement with Keisoku Giken Co., Ltd., the sole importing agent for this system in Japan and Korea. Leveraging its know-how of projection dome construction, Konica Minolta will offer the LED Dome System as a new large display solution for a diverse range of customers, including planetariums, dome theaters, museums, commercial facilities, amusement facilities, and companies seeking industrial simulators.

Values Offered by the LED Dome System

1. Reproducing ever more realistic images with vivid colors and high luminance

In the conventional method, an image is formed on a domed screen by the reflection of light rays projected from the projector, which means that the projected images have limited luminance and quality. In contrast, the LED Dome System has LED elements that emit light by themselves on its screen, and so achieves a maximum luminance of 600 cd/m2 and color gamut of 155% of sRGB*1. Thus, the LED Dome System can clearly reproduce a bright blue sky and sea, glowing sunset, and bright stars in the dark sky, which is difficult with the conventional method. The system also produces more realistic three-dimensional images than ever and gives the viewer a greater sense of immersion.

2. Expanding the possibility of 360-degree images

In 1997, Konica Minolta introduced a digital full-dome system capable of projecting CG images on a planetarium screen, and has since been supplying 360-degree shows to various facilities. By projecting these high-quality images on the LED Dome System, Konica Minolta hopes to bring to viewers an astounding experience like never before. The company is also keen to expand the possibility of 360-degree images by developing new shows that are only possible with the LED Dome System.

3. Delivering dreams and excitement from projection domes

Besides selling and installing projection equipment, Konica Minolta also manages projection dome construction, ranging from building the dome and installing the sound system and audience seating, to interior finishing. Leveraging its know-how of dome construction and experience in 360-degree images, the company will offer the LED Dome System as a new large display solution to customers in various fields.
With its know-how of managing image projection facilities and attracting visitors built up through its three directly-managed planetariums in Tokyo, the company also hopes to provide total support to projection domes to deliver dreams and excitement to visitors.

Main Specifications of the LED Dome System

Dome diameter20m15m7m
Pitch width2.7mm3.0mm1.93mm
Center resolutionAbout 11.5K PixAbout 8K PixAbout 6K Pix
LuminanceMax. 600cd/m2
Color gamut155% of sRGB (ITU-R Rec.709)*1

*1:sRGB is an international standard for color gamut (range of colors that can be displayed) and is used as a color gamut standard for liquid crystal displays in the Windows environment. A color gamut of 155% of sRGB means that the color gamut is 55% wider than sRGB. ITU-R Rec.709 is another international standard for color gamut set by the International Telecommunication Union, Radiocommunication Sector.