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City of Hino and Konica Minolta Conclude a Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement Regarding Promotion of the SDGs

September 24, 2019

Tokyo (September 24, 2019) - The City of Hino and Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) have concluded a comprehensive cooperation agreement for promoting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to share the targets for attaining the SDGs, to achieve the SDGs through cooperation, to solve social and local issues in various fields, and to build an environment for open innovation.

Hino, a suburban city in the west of metropolitan Tokyo, has a population of around 190,000 and is home to one of Konica Minolta’s major R&D facilities.

The City of Hino, which was selected as one of the SDGs FutureCities in 2019, aims to develop a “city focused on co-creating quality of life (QOL) through ‘industrialization’ of life- and environment-related issues through communication.” Meanwhile, Konica Minolta aims to develop businesses with insight into implicit challenges on social issues from the viewpoint of the SDGs in its Medium-term Business Plan “SHINKA 2019.” The City of Hino and Konica Minolta have cooperated over the years by sharing the vision to solve social challenges from different standpoints.

With the selection of the City of Hino as one of the SDGs FutureCities marking a new beginning, the City of Hino and Konica Minolta will cooperate in promoting the SDGs. Efforts will be accelerated to achieve a sustainable society by spreading the SDGs and promoting awareness about the SDGs through cooperation and co-creation regarding social issues in many fields.

Purpose of the Agreement

The City of Hino and Konica Minolta will closely cooperate to effectively utilize their resources, to promote efforts to solve social challenges through communication and cooperation among various local stakeholders, to attain the City of Hino’s targets as one of the SDGs FutureCities, and to promote the creation of a local environment for open innovation.

Scope of Cooperation

  1. Matters related to industrial revitalization through co-creation with the local community
  2. Matters related to the lifestyle in the era of living to 100 years old and support for medical care, nursing care, and health promotion
  3. Matters related to promotion of environmental management and creation of a sustainable community
  4. Matters related to workstyle reform and promotion of diversity and inclusion
  5. Matters related to building a safe and secure community (e.g., disaster prevention, crime prevention)
  6. Matters related to community revitalization, promotion of sports, and development of next-generation human resources
  7. Other matters related to necessary efforts for promoting the SDGs

Previous Cooperation Between Konica Minolta and the City of Hino

  1. Agreement with the City of Hino and the Hino Municipal Hospital regarding water use in the event of a disaster
  2. Cooperation in the Pink Ribbon campaign to raise awareness about the need to consult physicians about breast cancer
  3. “Industrialization” of life-related issues — Creation of innovation in regional revitalization and efforts to solve social issues
  4. Support for the Konica Minolta Track & Field Club, and running lessons at elementary schools, etc.