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Konica Minolta Works on Decreasing COVID-19 Infection Risks by Non-contact Surface Temperature Measurement
The company starts offering applications for thermal cameras using AI analysis

June 29, 2020

Tokyo – Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) extends its sincere condolences to those who passed away in the spread of the novel coronavirus worldwide, expresses heartfelt sympathy of the whole company to the affected people and prays for swift recovery. The company also expresses its sincere respect to the governments and local communities that work on the frontline to prevent the spread of infections, as well as healthcare professionals who are dedicated to diagnosing and treating people through the difficult time.

Images shot with Temperature Screening App

Konica Minolta is pleased to announce that the company, aiming at prevention of spread of COVID-19 infection, will start offering an application that can measure non-contact and real-time body surface temperature by using MOBOTIX network thermal camera. MOBOTIX, a Konica Minolta Group company, develops and manufactures network surveillance cameras and video management software.

MOBOTIX network cameras are available in a line of highly robust omnidirectional (fish-eye) cameras and thermal cameras capable of temperature monitoring, combined with these cameras for use in factories, construction sites, and infrastructural facilities in harsh environments.

In addition, in order to realize efficient body surface temperature measurement for visitors to offices and various facilities as a means of preventing the spread of the new type of coronavirus, Konica Minolta has developed the MOBOTIX thermal camera application Temperature Screening App and will start its offering in multiple phases(*1). With the addition of this application, it is possible to identify and detect facial and skin areas and increase measurement accuracy compared with measurement with a thermal camera alone, contributing to shortening waiting time at entrances and in entry management, reducing close contact, and saving monitoring resources.


Temperature Screening App detects the faces of moving human bodies that have entered the target area monitored by MOBOTIX thermal cameras in real time. If the temperature in the detected boundary exceeds a pre-set threshold, notifications can be made within the app. The beeper set in advance in conjunction with MOBOTIX thermal camera can be activated to notify a specified mail address. In the application screen, AI-analyzed facial images are displayed in real time along with body surface temperature measurement data. Introducing MOBOTIX thermal cameras and this application reduces resources required for security surveillance and the visitors’ waiting time, while also reducing the chance of close contact. This application is currently being used in Konica Minolta’s own facilities, and the company plans to provide an on-site operation guide based on its in-house practice.

Cooperation with face recognition technologies

Konica Minolta plans to link MOBOTIX thermal cameras with NEC Corporation's face recognition technology, which has the world's highest level of certification accuracy (*2). Testing has already begun in North America, South America, and Asia Pacific, and by combining face recognition and body surface temperature measurement, Konica Minolta is able to provide even higher value.

Endorsement from NEC Corporation

NEC welcomes the opportunity for collaboration involving the thermal cameras of MOBOTIX, a Konica Minolta Group company, and NEC’s face recognition technologies. As the necessity of measures against infectious diseases increases, not only in public facilities and offices but also in every aspect of life, NEC anticipates that cooperation between the two companies will lead to the realization of even greater safety and security in society. Going forward, NEC will accelerate the global deployment of this solution to meet urgent global demand.
Toshifumi Yoshizaki, Senior Vice President of NEC

Main Specifications

Corresponding thermal camera MOBOTIX M16 Thermal TR
S16 with Thermal TR Sensor
Supported OS Windows 10 64bit
Measurement error ±0.5°C
(when using reference mode)
Measuring range Less than 5m
Number of simultaneous measurements: Up to 20
(recommended 2-3)


- MOBOTIX thermal cameras are not medical devices.
- This application does not have the function of determining whether a person is affected by an infectious disease.
- Use the application for screening purposes because it is designed for detecting the surface temperature within the frame that is detected as a facial area. It is desirable to encourage the person who exceeds the threshold in the screening to measure the correct body temperature using a contact-type thermometer.
- Non-contact surface temperature measurements are influenced by the weather, temperature, humidity, and prior behavior (taking hot drinks or exercising) at the time of measurement. An appropriate flow line design is required.

(*1)Konica Minolta plans to launch the application in ASEAN, U.S., and Europe from July onwards.

(*2)NEC Face Recognition Technology Ranks First in NIST Accuracy Testing.

The Konica Minolta Group will continue to look into ways and provide support for communities and people on the frontline of COVID-19.