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Konica Minolta Releases FORXAI, the Imaging IoT platform

November 19, 2020

Tokyo (November 19, 2020) – Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) is pleased to announce that the company has released FORXAI, the imaging IoT platform. This platform combines imaging technology, which is Konica Minolta’s strength, with cutting-edge IoT and AI technologies to accelerate the digital transformation of society with customers and partners. Konica Minolta has created solutions that enable contactless, remote, and real-time response in various types of business, including nursing care, plant operation, and over-the-counter marketing in which FORXAI has been increasingly used. Konica Minolta remains committed to contributing to the evolution of human society by offering products and solutions that help create a safe and secure environment around the world for working professionals and the general public in the new normal, thereby achieving sustainable business growth.

Values Offered by FORXAI

FORXAI is an imaging IoT platform that combines imaging technology, which is based on the four core technologies of imaging, optics, materials, and micromachining that have been refined through many years of operation since Konica Minolta’s founding, with cutting-edge IoT and AI technologies. It achieves high-speed real-time AI processing by leveraging Konica Minolta’s proprietary image recognition technology in the fields of human behavior analysis, inspection, measurement, and diagnosis.

The FORXAI technology is being used in applications such as agriculture, medical care, nursing care, factory/plant operation, and over-the-counter marketing. The technology helps to prevent risks for humankind and society and create a safe and secure society by visualizing the invisible through contactless and remote monitoring, visualizing invisible risks, making predictions through data accumulation and analysis, and solving problems in the workflow at customers in various types of business.

Image: Kobe Yamada Nishiki Promotion Society
Smart agriculture
Visualize the growing condition of rice plants to reduce the workload
Image: Experiment equipment at Colorado State University, U.S.
Plant operation
Visualize invisible gases to ensure safety
Offices and facilities
Visualize body surface temperature by contactless measurement to reduce the workload and ensure safety and security

Imaging IoT Platform Offered by FORXAI

FORXAI captures images and videos to enable immediate AI-based edge analysis processing on site and quick cloud-based processing. It develops and offers AI algorithms that customers need. AI algorithms may run in the cloud, but FORXAI also offers services that can be easily implemented in devices, such as on-site (edge) cameras.

FORXAI cloud/edge linkage architecture

FORXAI offers various services depending on the environment that customers need. Its main features are:

  • FORXAI is configured by software products that are installed and operated on edge devices, edge servers, and the cloud.
  • FORXAI offers various AI functions,* which can be optimized to solve customers’ problems, and API/SDK for the development environment.
    * IoT functions to manage remote devices, collect data, update algorithms, etc. and functions to use imaging AI algorithms and accelerators
  • Imaging IoT solutions can be created quickly by connecting with the devices and customer information management systems of other companies.

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