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Notice Regarding Fire at Konica Minolta Supplies Manufacturing’s Tatsuno Factory (fifth notice)

August 10, 2021

Tokyo (August 10, 2021) – Regarding the fire that broke out at Tatsuno Factory of Konica Minolta Supplies Manufacturing Co., Ltd., on July 6, the current status is as follows:

Identification of cause and countermeasures

Based on process data at the time of occurrence, we identified that the fire was caused by static electricity within the production equipment. Having obtained the opinions of third-party organization specializing in occupational safety, on July 28, regarding the method of identifying the cause, countermeasures and safety, we have conducted final verification as Konica Minolta Group and confirmed the validity and safety of the countermeasures.
The countermeasures have been applied to all production equipment of the same type as the one in which fire broke out.

Resumption of production

With the completion of the countermeasures, the factory resumed operation on August 7. At the re-start of the production, the safety measures were confirmed to work appropriately, and employees went through in-house training so that the safety is sufficiently ensured.


The Konica Minolta Group sincerely addresses the incident and works on securing safety in the area and preventing the recurrence. We would like to give our sincerest apologies and appreciate the understanding and support in resuming production.