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Konica Minolta Signs Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement
for Solving Social Challenges with Hachioji City

October 28, 2021

Tokyo (October 28, 2021) – Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) is pleased to announce that the company has signed a Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement for Solving Social Challenges with Hachioji City in the western part of Tokyo.

Konica Minolta identified material issues that need addressing with priority, encompassing the fields of health, medicine, environment, science, research and education, and has since been promoting initiatives to achieve business growth and help solve social challenges at the same time. By signing the Agreement with Hachioji Municipal Government, Konica Minolta hopes to contribute to solving various social and local problems likely to arise in the future by leveraging the strengths it has developed in its business, and to keep collaborating with the local government to make Hachioji a better place for all to live.

While Konica Minolta has long carried out various initiatives jointly with Hachioji City, the company expects that the Agreement will further strengthen and develop the collaborative relationship.

Purpose of the Agreement

Under the Agreement, Konica Minolta and Hachioji Municipal Government will collaborate to effectively use respective resources to help solve various social and local problems, revitalize the local community, and create a sustainable society.

Scope of Cooperation Under the Agreement

  1. Cultural and sports education for children, who are the future of the nation
  2. Improvement of civil service by promoting DX
  3. Support in times of disaster
  4. Partnerships with local companies
  5. Resolution of social challenges

Previous Cooperation Between Konica Minolta and Hachioji City

Jogging workshop organized by the Track & Field Club

Konica Minolta’s Track & Field Club organizes a jogging workshop annually in March to promote sports and interactions among citizens. The last jogging workshop was held on March 27, 2021 and attracted some 100 people of varying ages, from elementary school children to junior and senior high school students and adults, who learned the importance of doing basic exercise while enjoying physical activity.

Support to junior high school teachers in charge of cultural club activities

Konica Minolta helps to reduce the workload of teachers at municipal junior high schools in Hachioji City and revitalize local cultural activities by supporting teachers in charge of school club activities. As an example, Konica Minolta’s engineer visited a PC club of a municipal junior high school and taught programming to club members.

Installation of the HitomeQ Care Support system in a nursing home

Konica Minolta installed its HitomeQ Care Support system in a private nursing home in Hachioji City on a pilot basis to help streamline the nursing care workflow and reduce the workload of care staff using IoT. The system proved to be effective and was officially adopted by the nursing home.

Conclusion of an agreement to provide well water to citizens for domestic use in times of disaster

Konica Minolta signed an agreement with Hachioji Municipal Government to provide well water on the company’s premises to citizens for domestic use in case of an earthquake or other disaster, upon request by the municipal government.