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2022 New Year’s Greetings from Shoei Yamana, President and CEO
Transforming our business portfolio and evolving into a company clearly committed to solving social issues

January 1, 2022

A Happy New Year to you all.

In 2021, the business environment was fraught with uncertainties stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic that has continued to threaten the world for the past two years especially with the spread of new variants, coupled with the semiconductor shortage.

With regard to the accidents that occurred at Tatsuno Factory in the Group last year, I would like to offer my sincere apologies to residents in the neighboring communities, the relevant authorities and our customers for the enormous inconvenience and concerns they caused. We take the accidents seriously, and are even more determined to ensure the safety of the community and take appropriate steps to prevent the recurrence, while building customers’ confidence in our products.

Under our “DX2022” medium-term business plan, we have been accelerating the transformation of our business portfolio focusing on two areas toward 2025.

One is the transformation into the Digital Workplace business, leveraging the global customer base of our Office business. To meet the needs of customers in diverse industries, including printing, healthcare, education and manufacturing, we will continue to offer optimal solutions to customers for reforming workstyles and improving service quality, taking advantage of our state-of-the-art digital technologies.

In July 2021, we started a digital transformation (DX) support service for local governments in Japan. To enhance and accelerate this support service, we established Konica Minolta Publitech, Inc., a subsidiary dedicated to the service, in October 2021. Based on an analysis of some 1.9 million datasets on government jobs collected from local governments across Japan, Konica Minolta Publitech has been helping 120 local governments to visualize workloads and digitize government services. We remain committed to offering community-based support to local governments nationwide, to meet the rapidly growing needs for digitalization of governments and enhance the quality of civil services.

The other transformation aims to facilitate business growth in the areas of measurement, inspection and diagnosis. Specifically, leveraging our imaging technology to “make the invisible visible” which we have been perfecting since our founding, we will offer valuable solutions tailored to the value chain of each industry to contribute, for example, to high-quality, high-efficiency manufacturing based on measurement and inspection data and to elucidate disease mechanisms utilizing diagnosis data.

In April 2021, we launched the CARE Program, Japan’s first platform to detect by genetic testing the risk of diseases before they develop, in cooperation with Seirei Social Welfare Community. Through the CARE Program, we will provide healthy and unaffected people with personalized cancer risk information based on genetic analysis and support early detection of diseases and preventive treatment.

Human capital is the true source of our ability to implement initiatives toward this transformation and create new value. At the Konica Minolta Group, each of our more than 40,000 members will tackle social problems as their own, aiming to realize the corporate vision of “Imaging to the People” and expand co-creation efforts with customers and business partners. In so doing, Konica Minolta will accelerate the development of innovations to promote business portfolio transformation in the two areas and evolve into a company clearly committed to solving social issues toward 2025.

Lastly, I offer my sincere wishes for your good health and happiness, and would greatly appreciate your continued support and encouragement for the Konica Minolta Group in 2022.

Shoei Yamana
President and CEO
Konica Minolta, Inc.