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Konica Minolta Announces New Structure for Members of the Board of Directors

February 24, 2022

Tokyo (February 24, 2022) - Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) announced the new structure for its members of the Board of Directors to be proposed at its Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders in June 2022.
Under the new structure, for the first time in Konica Minolta, an outside director will assume the position of Chairman of the Board and outside directors account for majority of the Board of Directors. It aligns the company’s initiatives to build and further advance a highly transparent system of governance that maintains a clear separation between supervisory and executive functions. Chikatomo Kenneth Hodo was nominated for Chairman of the Board, because he has extensive experience as outside director, including for companies with three committees that is the same structure as Konica Minolta’s, obtains in-depth understanding in the governance of the company, and is the right person to lead the operation of the Board of Directors aiming to “improve corporate value by promoting digital transformation (DX).”

(The indicates new appointment. )
DirectorToshimitsu Taiko
President & CEO, Representative Executive Officer
Outside DirectorChikatomo Kenneth Hodo
Chairman of the Board
(Representative Director of Bayhills Co., Ltd.)
Outside DirectorSakie T. Fukushima
(President and Representative Director of G&S Global Advisors Inc.)
Outside DirectorSoichiro Sakuma
(Advisor of Nippon Steel Corporation)
Outside DirectorAkira Ichikawa
(Chairman of the Board and Representative Director of Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd)
Outside Director*Masumi Minegishi
(Chairperson and Representative Director of the Board of Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.)
DirectorHiroyuki Suzuki
DirectorShoei Yamana
Executive Chairman and Executive Officer
DirectorSeiji Hatano
Senior Executive Vice President and Executive Officer
The following directors are retiring after the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders in June 2022.
DirectorMasatoshi Matsuzaki
Chairman of the Board
Outside DirectorTaketsugu Fujiwara
(Special Advisor of Asahi Kasei Corporation)
DirectorToyotsugu Itoh

Note: Masatoshi Matsuzaki, will become Special Advisor after retiring from the current position of Director and Chairman of the Board.

Correction (February 25, 2022)
At the time of publication Chikatomo Kenneth Hodo’s first name was incorrectly spelled. The correct spelling is Chikatomo.
Correction (March 17, 2022)
The company name Bayhills was Bayhills Inc. at the time of publication. It is corrected to Bayhills Co., Ltd.