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Konica Minolta Introduces a One-year Resilience Program for Executive Management with Occupational Health Physicians as Instructors
Expanding the Physical, Emotional, Mind, and Spiritual Capabilities Based on the Corporate Athlete Program

April 4, 2022

Tokyo (April 4, 2022) – Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) has launched a one-year resilience program for executive management, which aims to maximize personal capabilities.

In psychology, resilience is defined as the ability to adapt when faced with adversity, difficulties, or severe stress. Recently, various resilience training programs are being offered for various purposes to business persons and students. Konica Minolta’s resilience program was developed by a group of occupational health physicians in Japan by refining a corporate athlete program in Europe and the U.S. The program is intended to help top executives revitalize individuals and organizations through health, and has the following two main objectives.

Objectives of the program

  1. Enhance physical, emotional, mind, and spiritual functions to train management executives who can demonstrate maximum capabilities, including adaptive intelligence, and take advantage of difficulties and adversity for the development of themselves and organizations.
  2. Enhance the teamwork of management executives, spread their influence across organizations, and create a vibrant and lively workplace.

In the resilience program, participants learn and practice physical, emotional, mind, and spiritual health, which are the four domains that improve resilience, while also acquiring medical knowledge. Makiko Mori, an occupational health physician of Konica Minolta, and other physicians of the occupational health physicians workshop who developed this program, serve as instructors of the group training, which is run five times a year. Participants in the program periodically receive personal assistance from nurses during the one-year period through individual interviews, so that they can practice what they have learned.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused drastic changes in the work environment and lifestyles. Against this backdrop, Konica Minolta remains committed to promoting health management and taking effective measures to improve the organizational health and empower individual employees to maximize their potential in the workplace, thereby developing competent human resources.

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