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Konica Minolta Strengthens Display Inspection Business, Entering 3D Sensor Device Inspection Field
Concluding Share Transfer Agreement with Kimsoptec in Korea

July 28, 2022

Tokyo (July 28, 2022) - Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) announced that its German subsidiary in the sensing business, Instrument Systems GmbH (Instrument Systems), had entered into an agreement to acquire Kimsoptec Co, Ltd. (Kimsoptec), a technical consultant and manufacturer in Korea. With the transaction, Konica Minolta will strengthen engagement with major Korean customers in the sensing business and accelerate the expansion of its display inspection and 3D sensor inspection businesses.

Instrument Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Konica Minolta, is a leading manufacturer of high-precision spectrometers, cameras, complex systems and software solutions for display quality inspection applications that constantly grow. Kimsoptec has been exclusively distributing solutions for Instrument Systems in Korea since 2005, with existing major key accounts and system integrators in the country.

Purpose of acquisition

  • Instrument Systems will strengthen its engagement with customers in Asia and further expand the business in the conventional display inspection field and AR/VR display inspection field, which will evolve in the future.
  • In the field of 3D sensing (identity verification and eye tracking) related to security functions, which is expected to grow in the future, Instrument Systems will develop businesses by leveraging Kimsoptec’s own products and customer bases.

In 2025, in addition to the sales of Instrument Systems products, Konica Minolta expects to grow the market and sales of Kimsoptec products. The company further expects to expand sales outside of Korean market through Instrument Systems channels with the strengths of Kimsoptec products’ competitiveness. Additionally, Konica Minolta is looking ahead to further increase sales by acquiring direct sales channels for major key accounts and strengthening customer engagement.

The Konica Minolta Group will continue driving growth in the sensing business by increasing the group application know-how to meet new sensing and display challenges in the ICT field worldwide.

About Kimsoptec:

Founded in 2005, Kimsoptec is today the partner of choice to consult in the field of display and optical measurement in Korea. The company successfully supplies display test systems to many important Korean display manufacturers and system integrators.  Kimsoptec distributes and services the complete Instrument Systems portfolio, delivering respective technical consultation. It has strong engineering capabilities and operates a manufacturing site for products and systems in the field of display measurement, supplementing the Instrument Systems product portfolio. Through its sales channels, Kimsoptec successfully addresses system integrators and manufacturers within the supply chain of the big players in the ICT market and also major key accounts of Instrument Systems.
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Kimsoptec: Facts & Figures

Company nameKimsoptec Co., Ltd.
FoundedApril 2005
Head officeGyeonggi-do, Korea
RepresentativeDr. Jinsung Kim
Number of employees43 (as of June 2022)
BusinessApplication engineering, system integration, local support, development, production and sales of measurement equipment for Light & Display.

About Instrument Systems:

Instrument Systems GmbH, a wholly owned company of Konica Minolta since 2012, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-precision spectrometers, cameras, complex systems and software solutions for display and spectral light measurement over an extremely broad and constantly growing range of quality inspection applications.
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