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Konica Minolta’s AI-based Pose Estimation Technology Achieves 20 Times Faster Processing Speed with NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin
High-speed Performance Demonstrated at NVIDIA AI DAYS 2022 in Japan

August 19, 2022

Tokyo (August 19, 2022) – Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) is pleased to announce that its proprietary FORXAI Imaging AI technology for estimating human pose has achieved a 20 times faster processing speed* by using NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Orin™, an edge computing platform.

A demonstration of the high-speed performance was given at NVIDIA AI DAYS 2022, an online event organized by NVIDIA Japan for the Japanese audience in June 2022.

FORXAI Imaging AI Skeleton Recognition Technology

Konica Minolta’s pose estimation technology can estimate human pose by automatically detecting humans in an image and quickly tracking key points on their bodies, such as eyes, arms, and legs using AI. Built on Konica Minolta’s long experience of developing office and medical equipment with fast image processing, this technology boasts high image processing speed and high recognition accuracy, as well as low power consumption and cost, due to edge computing.

Achievements using NVIDIA Jetson

Konica Minolta has been working on optimizing algorithms on the NVIDIA Jetson family as part of its R&D effort to increase the processing speed of the FORXAI Imaging AI, a group of AI-based image processing technologies. Its ability to recognize the poses of humans in an image in real time, combined with Jetson AGX Orin, enables 320x224-pixel moving images to be processed at about 800 frames per second, a 20-fold increase in speed*. It has also been confirmed how the FORXAI IoT Platform works on the Jetson AGX Orin.

The combination enables images captured by multiple cameras to be processed at the edge in real time, and allows users to track humans and their movements present in high-resolution images at a higher speed and with greater accuracy. Detecting humans can be used for various purposes. For example, the data of multiple humans detected at the same time in public spaces such as stations and streets can be used for people-flow analysis, while 3D posture data of factory workers can be used for evaluating their work performance.

The NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin, which is the latest model of the NVIDIA Jetson family, delivers 275 trillion operations per second (TOPS), over 8x the compute performance of its predecessor, Jetson AGX Xavier.

Konica Minolta will work on higher-level integration of the FORXAI Imaging AI and edge-computing technology in collaboration with NVIDIA, aiming to help solve various social issues.

Future Prospects for FORXAI

Konica Minolta will continue to accelerate the integration of edge computing technology into FORXAI, not only for its own benefit but also in the interest of FORXAI partner companies. Konica Minolta believes that the high-speed image processing environment brought by the FORXAI IoT Platform combined with the Jetson AGX Orin will help FORXAI partner companies enhance the efficiency of technical and business development, and thus solve various issues.


Konica Minolta delivered a lecture titled “Imaging AI/IoT Platform: FORXAI” in the Edge-3 section at NVIDIA AI DAYS 2022.
NVIDIA AI DAYS 2022 (in Japanese):

Leveraging the FORXAI imaging IoT platform, Konica Minolta will continue to offer solutions to professionals across industries and business categories and create new value to meet the demands of society.

*In comparison with the processing speed of the NVIDIA Jetson Nano, an edge-computing platform