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Konica Minolta to Reorganize Production Functions and Units to Strengthen Business Competitive Edges and Value Creation Capabilities
Konica Minolta Mechatronics to Split into Business-centric Companies

February 16, 2023

Tokyo (February 16, 2023) – Konica Minolta, Inc. today announced that Konica Minolta Mechatronics Co., Ltd. (KMME), the Group’s core device production base in Japan, will be split into business-centric companies, enhancing the business competitive edges and value creation capabilities well-aligned with the uniqueness and characteristics of each business. KMME is headquartered in Toyokawa, Aichi Prefecture.

Aims of New Structure

KMME excels in the advanced manufacturing skills, known as “monozukuri,” utilizing high-precision technologies and production expertise in Japan. Responsible for production functions for different businesses, KMME has been combining strength in technology, know-how, production facilities, and human assets across business areas so that it can deliver values, such as quality, agility, and cost, required by the customers. Through the reorganization, KMME will be split into three companies: each specializes in business-specific production for business technologies, including digital workplace and professional print, inkjet component, and optical component. Each of the three companies will be increasingly driving speedy decision making and re-allocation of the functions and resources from the viewpoint of optimizing its specific business needs and performance. Such overall efforts will further enhance the production companies’ excellence, competitive edge in the business and value creation capabilities.

Overview of Companies

Splitting company New succeeding company New succeeding company
Company name Konica Minolta Mechatronics Co., Ltd. Konica Minolta IJ Product Co., Ltd. Konica Minolta Advanced Optics Co., Ltd.
Headquarters Toyokawa, Aichi Fuefuki, Yamanashi Osakasayama, Osaka
Foundation April 2016 April 2023 April 2023
Business Business technologies IJ component Optical component