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Konica Minolta Develops FORXAI Safety Solution for Smoke Detection to Sense Initial Smoke of Fire Using AI
Contributing to Prevention and Early Response to Fires

June 23, 2023

Tokyo (June 23, 2023) - Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) today announced that the company has developed the FORXAI Safety Solution for Smoke Detection (“Smoke Detection”), which helps detect fires at an early stage by sensing initial smoke using AI.

Konica Minolta will exhibit the product at the Manufacturing World Japan/Manufacturing Digital Transformation Expo, which was held at Tokyo Big Sight from June 21, 2023. In July, the product will be marketed by Konica Minolta Japan, Inc., a group company in Japan, ahead of its release in overseas markets.

Recently, social issues such as the shrinking workforce have emerged. To achieve greater safety and reliability and improve productivity, it is necessary to solve social issues through DX. While working on five material issues, including “Ensuring Social Safety and Security,” through its business, Konica Minolta aims to contribute to solving these social issues by using the FORXAI imaging IoT platform.

Smoke Detection can detect a small amount of rising smoke based on various camera images by harnessing image analysis AI (FORXAI Imaging AI). It will support DX through early detection of fires and quick response and thereby contribute to greater safety and reliability at plants and facilities, including storage sites for waste and combustible materials.

Value Proposition of Smoke Detection

1. Quick detection of smoke by image analysis AI to contribute to fire prevention

Smoke Detection incorporates an algorithm to detect smoke by using the FORXAI Imaging AI based on the image data of cameras installed in a facility. Visualization of the detection results enables the equipment manager to quickly identify the generation of smoke, which is a sign of fire, on a video management system (VMS*) client. This makes it possible to respond quickly and help prevent fires.

2. Easy introduction by using the existing system

The system is easy to introduce simply by adding an analysis server incorporating Smoke Detection to the existing system, including existing cameras and a VMS server. Images of multiple cameras can be analyzed via the VMS server, so the equipment manager can check the detection of smoke on the VMS client screen. In addition, the event action function of VMS can be used to turn on an alarm lamp and sound an alarm through the speakers when smoke is detected, prompting the manager to check the smoke.
*Contact us to learn which manufacturers support Smoke Detection.

About FORXAI Imaging AI

Konica Minolta established FORXAI Imaging AI technology, which detects and analyzes various events from images, as one of the elements of the FORXAI imaging IoT platform. By using this technology, the company has contributed to DX of worksites by visualizing various factors at facilities, such as gas leakage at plants and temperature monitoring of equipment at production sites.

Konica Minolta will continue to combine its strengths with the technologies and products of its partner companies in various fields through FORXAI. The company hopes to meet customers’ needs for greater safety and reliability as well as for contactless and labor-saving operations in various circumstances by offering a variety of services, including monitoring of plants, warehouses, and logistic areas, with its technology to capture thermal images and other imaging IoT solutions.