Konica Minolta Wins Grand Award for Technology and Gold Award at Hong Kong’s DFA Design for Asia Awards 2019
Fifth international accolade for optical planetarium, the Cosmo Leap Σ

December 18, 2019

Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) is pleased to announce that the company has won the Grand Award for Technology and the Gold Award at Hong Kong’s DFA Design for Asia Awards 2019 for its optical planetarium, the Cosmo Leap Σ. This is the fifth international design award earned by the Cosmo Leap Σ, following the Good Design Gold Award 2018 (Japan), the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019 (Germany), Design Intelligent Award 2019 (China), and Gold Award at the German Design Award 2020 (Germany).

Award-winning Products

Cosmo Leap Σ, an Optical Planetarium

A versatile optical planetarium designed for precise reproduction of beautiful stars

The Cosmo Leap Σ can project the starry skies equivalent to those of the Infinium Σ, Konica Minolta’s flagship optical planetarium that was developed to reproduce beautiful fixed stars shining in the night sky, in medium-sized domes with an energy-efficient compact design. A new silhouette that incorporates optical technologies in a package was attained by breaking down and re-integrating the components of the conventional equipment.
The Cosmo Leap Σ has been installed at domes in various areas including Konica Minolta Planetaria Tokyo.

DFA Design for Asia Awards 2019

The DFA Design for Asia Awards, launched in 2003 by the Hong Kong Design Centre and funded mainly by Create Hong Kong of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, is a unique international platform that celebrates Asian design excellence and recognizes outstanding designs in Asia, for Asia. The awards cover four major design disciplines: apparel & accessory design; communication design; environmental design; and product & industrial design, and winners are selected according to four judgment criteria: overall excellence; use of technology; impact in Asia; and commercial and societal success.
In 2019, a total of 211 winners were named: nine Grand Award, one Grand Award for Culture, one Grand Award for Sustainability, and one Grand Award for Technology and seven Grand Award with Special Mention winners, as well as 15 Gold Award, 29 Silver Award, 63 Bronze Award, and 85 Merit Award winners. Window

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