Konica Minolta’s IR Site Wins Gold Status in Gomez IR Site Ranking
Also Receives Excellence Award in the Internet IR Awards Sponsored by Daiwa Investor Relations and the Highest-level AAA Rating in the Annual Survey of All Japanese Listed Companies’ Websites Conducted by Nikko Investor Relations

February 5, 2020

Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) is pleased to announce that the company’s Internet site for shareholders and investors (IR website) has won first prize overall in the Gomez IR Site Ranking 2019 sponsored by Morningstar Japan K.K.. Konica Minolta has also received the Excellence Award in the Internet IR Awards chosen by Daiwa Investor Relations Co. Ltd. (Daiwa IR) and the highest-level AAA rating in the annual survey of all Japanese listed companies’ websites conducted by Nikko Investor Relations Co., Ltd. (Nikko IR).

First Prize Overall in the Gomez IR Site Ranking 2019

1. Overview

In the Gomez IR Site Ranking 2019, Konica Minolta won first prize overall for the second consecutive year and the gold status for the seventh consecutive year, out of 292 finalist companies, selected from among 3,644 listed companies in Japan.

2. Reasons for the prize

In 2018, Konica Minolta significantly improved its IR website by making the website easier to use and offering a broader range of IR information. Konica Minolta continued to enhance its IR website into 2019 by making detailed modifications from the users’ viewpoint, such as adopting a responsive design that allows a website to adapt to various screen sizes and introducing menu arrangements that make it easier to access needed information. These improvements were highly evaluated by Morningstar. Konica Minolta also earned a high score for offering sufficient information on key modern issues, such as the company’s initiatives to contribute to the SDGs and external evaluations on its ESG performance, and for proactively providing company information by video, by launching a video library containing corporate information on the website and uploading videos of shareholders’ meetings and announcements of financial results.

Press release issued by Morningstar

Excellence Award in the Internet IR Awards 2019 Sponsored by Daiwa IR

1. Overview

In the Internet IR Awards 2019 sponsored by Daiwa IR, Konica Minolta came 9th overall and won the Excellence Award. The award winners were selected based on evaluations of the Japanese websites of 3,838 listed companies, and then the English websites of finalist companies. The Grand Prize was awarded to eight companies, while the Excellence Award was given to 13 listed companies including Konica Minolta.

2. Reasons for the prize

In the Internet IR Awards, Daiwa IR evaluates and scores IR websites of listed companies according to its own criteria and recognizes companies that excel in IR website structure, information disclosure and communication activities. In selecting the 2019 award winners, Daiwa IR revised the evaluation criteria in terms of the “availability of ESG information” and in accordance with “the Cabinet Office Ordinance on the Disclosure of Corporate Affairs, etc.”

Press release issued by Daiwa IR

Highest-level AAA Rating in the Annual Survey of All Japanese Listed Companies’ Websites Conducted by Nikko IR

1. Overview

Nikko IR evaluated the websites of all 3,807 Japanese listed companies and selected 462 award winners, of which the AAA rating was awarded to 173, AA rating to 126 and A rating to 163 companies. Konica Minolta won the highest AAA rating for the eighth consecutive year.

2. Reasons for the prize

Nikko IR selects award-winning websites based on objective criteria focusing on “ease of understanding,” “ease of use” and “availability of information.”

Press release issued by Nikko IR

Encouraged by these awards given to its IR website by third-party organizations, Konica Minolta is determined to continue its efforts to make quality information and web contents available to shareholders and investors to promote a better understanding of Konica Minolta. To this end, the company remains committed to enhancing its IR website, thereby keeping its promise with customers, “Giving Shape to Ideas.”

IR website of Konica Minolta

English website