Notice on Konica Minolta’s Response to COVID-19

June 16, 2021

Konica Minolta's Policy on Coping with New Coronavirus

The Konica Minolta Group, while complying with the directives and regulations of each country, places top priority on ensuring the health and safety of the group's employees and their families, and continues to make every effort to prevent the spread of infection and to ensure that the provision of products and services to society and its customers is not hindered. The Group’s policy is:

  • Ensure the health and safety of Group employees and their families as top priority
  • Consider the impact on society and prevent as many people as possible from becoming infectious
  • Make maximum effort to continuously provide the services and products required by society and customers
  • Maintain management base and work on business continuity plan (BCP)

Sales, Service, and Head Office Functions

During the state of emergency declaration in Japan, lockdowns and sheltering in place in many countries, the Group has continued its efforts to give full consideration to the health and safety of the employees based on the instructions and requests of each country's government. At each of its global business bases, many employees work from home to handle operations that can be performed remotely. For jobs that need on-site hands-on work, such as product shipments, installation of machines, and maintenance, employees are dispatched to the work site, accommodating the customer's needs and requirements.

Response for Employees

  • Promoting remote work for employees and enhancing in-depth IT support so that their performance gets higher at home
  • Setting action guidelines to prevent infection, and thoroughly implementing actions in offices (ventilation of rooms, placement of seats with a small number of seats, frequent hand washing and wearing of masks during work, etc.)
  • Providing mental health care, such as the establishment of a consultation service, for employees' mental health risks caused by ongoing remote work at home, such as communication between employees and changes in lifestyles
  • Based on the results of the employees survey on remote work, each business unit works on countermeasures, and strengthens creative skills and capabilities in the working-from-home environments.

Konica Minolta’s Response Based on In-Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Insight

The pandemic has made it clear that contactless, non-face-to-face, personalized, and diversified values are truly needed in the world in the midst of changes in working styles and lifestyles called "new normal." Konica Minolta has been focusing on creating products and services that provide social value by seeing the changes not as a threat but as a new opportunity. Contactlessness, non-face-to-face, personalization, and diversification are areas in which the company has its technological edges, such as imaging and sensing. With services and new technologies that bring remote, real-time, and on-demand values into reality, Konica Minolta help workplaces protect safety and security, improve operational productivity, advance diagnostics, and more.

In the Digital Workplace domain, in addition to supporting customers' work-from-home policies based on the knowledge of its in-house practices and helping improvement in operational efficiency through IT services, Konica Minolta has been developing business process engineering support for local governments in Japan. In the Healthcare field, Konica Minolta expands the provision of devices and solutions that are useful for Covid-19 responses in the medical community, thereby improving the operational efficiency of healthcare professionals and contributing to the reduction of infection risks. In the Industry domain, Konica Minolta has been creating support for solving social challenges that surfaced in the pandemic, such as the provision of surface temperature screening solutions with thermal cameras through AI analysis. Furthermore, the Group is accelerating its efforts to provide values that lead to "medical practice," "transformation of work styles," and "human-centered safety and security” with insight into the post-pandemic life and society.

Konica Minolta will swiftly implement the necessary measures while keeping a close watch on future trends.