Optimization of offices in the Tokyo metropolitan area

October 22, 2021

Tokyo (October 22, 2021) - Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) will redefine the functions and roles of its offices in the Tokyo metropolitan area in conjunction with the evolution of working styles in the New Normal Age and will reallocate organizations and human capitals accordingly from December 2021 to January 2022.

The Marunouchi JP Tower, as the global headquarters, will concentrate on functions that drive Group management focused on company-wide decision-making.

Meanwhile, the business promotion functions and most corporate functions will be centered at the Hamamatsu-cho Building, the headquarters of Konica Minolta Japan, Inc. (Konica Minolta Japan), the domestic sales subsidiary, and Tokyo Site Hachioji, the largest business and technology development base of Konica Minolta.

Through these efforts, Konica Minolta will enhance its ability to create value for society and customers and accelerate the company's transformation into a company that truly helps to solve social issues.

Background and purpose of optimization

People's feelings have changed dramatically since the spread of the COVID-19 in the beginning of 2020. Particularly under post-COVID-19 (the New Normal), "remote", "contactless", and "safety and peace of mind" become more important. Under these circumstances, many companies are looking for new work style that incorporates remote work.

In response to these work style transformation, Konica Minolta aims to establish its new hybrid work style in which employees, teams and divisions can use different workplaces according to their objectives. The company will maximize the following values by working while thinking about the demanded outputs independently.

  • Value of remote work, such as connected anytime, anywhere, globally
  • Value of work in the office, such as value creation based on real things and face-to-face communication

Konica Minolta is advancing a variety of initiatives to evolve this way of working.
For example, Konica Minolta Japan is enhancing its own output and creating value for the customers by implementing new office work styles based on the concept of "Tsunagu office" in the Hamamatsu-cho Building, as spearheading transformation. “Tsunagu” means connect in Japanese.
Tsunagu-office web site (Japanese)

At Konica Minolta, human capitals are the source of its ability to execute for the creation of new value.
Konica Minolta believes that the pursuit of work styles and the enhancement of the power of "individuals" by each of its human assets. They will underpin the leap toward highly profitable businesses under the medium-term business plan "DX2022". Konica Minolta will be evolving into a company clearly committed to solving social issues thereby realizing the management vision "Imaging to the People". Going forward, the Konica Minolta Group will continue to make concerted efforts.