Konica Minolta Group’s Response to Ukraine Crisis

March 16, 2022

Tokyo (March 16, 2022) - The Konica Minolta Group expresses its deep condolences to the victims under the recent worsening situation of the invasion in the Ukraine. Our thoughts and prayers are with affected people for their safety and health. In this heart-breaking humanitarian crisis, we are responding as Group, including humanitarian assistance to those affected in Ukraine and surrounding regions, as follows:

Humanitarian Assistance to Ukraine

  • For the Konica Minolta Group, the safety and well-being of its global team members and their families are the top priority. Supporting the safety of the Ukrainian colleagues, our European employees have been giving assistance, through the neighboring Konica Minolta subsidiaries, to relocation, transportation, immigration services and more, for Ukrainian colleagues and their families who are able and want to leave their homes.
  • In order to deliver donations as direct support to our employees in Ukraine and surrounding countries who are supporting Ukraine, who are all our family members, Konica Minolta, Inc. launched a matching gift fund-raising activity in which the company contributes the same amount to voluntary donations from employees. We are also inviting the Group companies in Japan to join donations through the same mechanism.
  • Overseas Group companies also work on assistance and donation to Ukraine as a voluntary activity by their employees. The European regional headquarters in Germany is also continuing its support and donation activities with employees in Europe.

Product shipment to Russia

Product shipment to Russia is currently suspended.

We sincerely hope that people who are spending frightful days and nights in Ukraine and surrounding areas will return to their hometowns and resume life in peace as soon as possible.