Innovation Garden OSAKA Center Receives the “Ryo” Design Architecture Award

April 4, 2022

Tokyo (April 4, 2022) - Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) announced that the Innovation Garden OSAKA Center (IGOC), the company’s cooperation and development center for imaging IoT/AI technology, won the Special Award in the FY2021 Osaka Climate Change Measures Awards (commonly known as the “Ryo*” Design Architecture Award).

The Osaka Prefectural Government offers the “Ryo” Design Architecture Award as a special award for buildings in the Osaka Climate Change Measures Awards, to commend business operators that make outstanding efforts to help prevent climate change or take measures to mitigate the urban heat island effect. IGOC won the award because it was highly evaluated for the following points.

* “Ryo” means “cool” in Japanese.

Features of IGOC

1. Reduction in solar heat gain of the ground surface

Greenery has been planted on the premises to curb the temperature rise during the daytime. For example, new plants have been added to the existing greenery around the site. On the north side of the building, an athletic ground and multi-purpose court allow employees to enjoy playing sports during breaks. This area is almost entirely covered with artificial lawn to create a green space, and all the existing trees have been retained, helping to mitigate the heat around the premises. Moreover, artificial wood decking laid between the existing building and the new building reduces the solar heat gain of the ground surface.

2. Spacious and comfortable

Sufficient space is secured around the buildings to reduce the thermal effect in and outside the premises, while the layout is designed so as not to obstruct the flow of wind. There is a large space between the existing building and the new building, which is covered with artificial wood decking to create a spacious, comfortable area. Meanwhile, near the front gate, sufficient setback from the road in front of the building prevents a claustrophobic presence for the neighborhood.

3. Efficient use of energy by air-conditioning equipment

To increase the air-conditioning efficiency in summer, high-thermal-insulation sandwich panels and low-emissivity (Low-E) multi-layered glass are used for the exterior. Various measures are taken to block sunlight and thereby reduce the air-conditioning load of the entire building. The building features a balcony on each floor, and the deep eaves created by the balcony of the upper floor block the sunlight and mitigate heat in summer. Various plants scattered about the terrace create shade, reduce the load of solar heat, and provide attractive landscaping in harmony with the local environment.

About IGOC

IGOC was established in November 2020 as a hub for imaging IoT/AI development and business creation in the Kansai region, serving as one of Konica Minolta’s two major innovation centers along with the R&D center in Tokyo. Konica Minolta has assigned core imaging IoT/AI specialists to these centers to nurture human resources in this area.

IGOC also received the Governor of Osaka Award, the highest honor, in the FY2021 Osaka Environmentally Friendly Architecture Award through a comprehensive review of resource-saving efficiency during the design and construction stages, effectiveness of BCP (Business Continuity Plan), and effects on the health and intellectual productivity of workers, in addition to environmental performance. It also won the 34th Nikkei New Office Award of Nikkei Inc. and the New Office Promotion Association as a comfortable and functional office building.