Giving Shape to Ideas


Its sophisticated function will enrich your daily workflow of examination.
CS-7 can control AeroDR detectors and connect to Regius CR readers.

 Intelligent Grid * (New function)

This is the image processing to improve contrast which is affected by scattered radiation without a grid.
This function provides easy workflow, the operator need not carry the grid to perform a exam.

No Grid With Intelligent Grid
(6:1 grid comparable)
With 6:1 Grid

*This function is optinal licence.

Highlight Function for the Tube /Gauze

CS-7 can highlight tube and gauze images that are difficult to be detected at normal images.

Normal Image Highlighted Image
Normal Image Highlighted Image

Stitching Function

CS-7 can combine 2 or 3 images and also can adjust combined position of images on the screen. This function is useful at handling long image as 1 image.

Print Composer

Using this function, multiple exposed images can be laid out as you like on a film and output. It is easy to edit selecting images, changing image size, making custom format and so on.

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