Giving Shape to Ideas


Its sophisticated function will enrich your daily workflow of examination.
CS-7 can control AeroDR detectors and connect to Regius CR readers.

Integrated Control Station CS-7

CS-7 has multiple function which provides you useful workflow.

  • Control AeroDR detectors and KonicaMinolta CR devices.
  • Send patient images to PACS and Dry Imagers.
  • Obtain examination information from RIS and send back each results.
  • Link up X-ray exposure condition with X-ray console.
  • Write patient image on CD/DVD with DICOM, PDI and JPEG format.

Quick Preview and smart GUI

After exposure, a preview image immediately appears on the display of the CS-7 console in less than two seconds. The CS-7 has a user –friendly graphic interface adding powerful proprietary functions.
GUI design can be modified to customer preferences flexibly, succeeding the conventional console design.

Principal Optional Function

Roamimg Function

AeroDR detector can be shared between general X-ray rooms, mobile X-ray systems and other divisions even in the case network segment is different.

43.75µm (※) read capacity for mammography (※ Option license)

43.75μm Roamimg Function It is available in REGIUS 210 and 110HQ.
In addition to previous 175 and 87.5µm read capacity, a new 43.75µm read function for mammography
has been added. In mammography, highly valuable images are now available with higher resolution.
Furthermore, ultra-high resolution imaging has been achieved by employing C-PLATE for mammography with excellent sharpness and granularity. Mammography cassette can be handled in the same manner as for previous standard cassette, providing the same operability.

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