Giving Shape to Ideas


Scalable to your future needs.

ImagePilot can adapt to the changing imaging demands. Add client stations. Increase storage. Add modalities. As the imaging department grows. The ImagePilot capacity and capabilities can grow with it.

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Flexible configuration means improved productivity and convenience.

Flexible configuration means improved productivity and convenience Capture images from additional modalities or import images from other sources. From the viewing screen, images can be printed, exported to a other host. or written to removable media (CD/DVD etc.)

Additional features and functions help support the medical examination.

  1. Creating Simple documents:
    Referrals and exam reports can be created using predefined templates (Microsoft Word format). Alternatively, users can customize templates as needed.
  2. PDI output:
    Patient images can be written to CD or DVD in PDI format (includes a DICOM viewer). Excellent format for use by other hospitals, by referred specialists, or by the patient.
  3. Schema function:
    displays schema (models, drawings). Files can be BMP or JPG.
  4. Batch output of images of multiple patients:
    Select multiple patient and their images from a user-defined query and either export to a remote host or write to CD/DVD.
  5. Printing to an office printer:
    Reference images along with comments can be printed. A list of common examination comments can be easily created and selected for use when printing.

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