Giving Shape to Ideas

AeroDR Super PREMIUM 14×17 inch flat panel detector

KonicaMinolta’s next generation wireless FPD AeroDR 3 1417HD (AeroDR SYSTEM 3) exceeds the advantages of our current AeroDR series, and incorporates new features. It is the top-of-the-line model in the AeroDR series.

High Image Quality

High DQE and Lower Doses

Konica Minolta introduces the latest technological advances with the AeroDR 3 “High sensitivity TFT panel.” “The thicker CsI scintillator” and new ROIC can reduce the electrical noise level by 50% or more. Now we can provide patients and AeroDR users with high detector quantum efficiency (DQE) and lower radiation doses.

Thicker CsI Scintillator

The scintillator material is evenly distributed from the bottom to the top of the panel, and it is more than 20% thicker than the AeroDR 2 1417HQ panel. This helps provide the high DQE.

Total 62% saved / Approx 20% thicker

Performance of 100 micron pixels

AeroDR3(100µm) / AeroDR2(175µm)

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