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AeroDR Super PREMIUM 14×17 inch flat panel detector

KonicaMinolta’s next generation wireless FPD AeroDR 3 1417HD (AeroDR SYSTEM 3) exceeds the advantages of our current AeroDR series, and incorporates new features. It is the top-of-the-line model in the AeroDR series.

Powerful and Reliable Workflow

Rapid cycle time

The AeroDR SYSTEM 3 can handle large image data and provide short cycle times even though the image data is taken by 100 micron pixels.

Less than 2s / Cycle time 7s in wireless mode

The pixel size is selectable between 100 microns or 200 microns

AeroDR 3 users can select a pixel size of 100 microns or 200 microns before taking an X-ray. This allows users to control the image data size, if they need to save storage space. After taking the X-ray, the CS-7 image-processing workstation has options to output images to save data space.


High Performance Power Cell

The AeroDR 3 1417HD is powered by a lithium ion capacitor for high performance.
The Lithium ion capacitor charges from 0 to 100% in 30 min.*4

When using the AeroDR Battery Charger2 or interface cable 3

Charging Time 30min

Updated AeroSync Technology

If the X-ray generator has low power or body parts are thick, the updated AeroSync technology of the AeroDR 3 supports a wider range of techniques than current AeroSync specs indicate.

Exposure Time 4.0s

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