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AeroDR Super PREMIUM 14x17 17x17 10x12 inch flat panel detector

KonicaMinolta's next generation wireless FPD
AeroDR 3 1417HD / 1717HD / 1012HQ exceeds the advantages of our current AeroDR series and incorporates new features. It is the top-of-the-line model in the AeroDR series.
High Image Quality
High Resolution, High DQE, and Lower Radiation Doses
Lightweight and Robust Structure
Powerful and Reliable Workflow
Rapid cycle time, Selectable pixel size, and Updated AeroSync® automatic exposure detection.

Powerful and Reliable Workflow

Rapid cycle time

The AeroDR SYSTEM 3 can handle large image data and provide short cycle times even though the image data is taken by 100 micron pixels.

With 200 micron pixels and in wireless mode, the cycle time is 4 s.

Less than 2s / Cycle time 7s in wireless mode

The pixel size is selectable between 100 microns or 200 microns

AeroDR 3 users can select a pixel size of 100 microns or 200 microns before taking an X-ray. This allows users to control the image data size, if they need to save storage space. After taking the X-ray, the CS-7 image-processing workstation has options to output images to save data space.


High Performance Power Cell

The AeroDR 3 1417HD is powered by a lithium ion capacitor for high performance.
The Lithium ion capacitor charges from 0 to 100% in 30 min.*4

When using the AeroDR Battery Charger2 or interface cable 3

Charging Time 30min

Updated AeroSync Technology

If the X-ray generator has low power or body parts are thick, the updated AeroSync technology of the AeroDR 3 supports a wider range of techniques than current AeroSync specs indicate.

Exposure Time 4.0s

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