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AeroDR Portable Solution

AeroDR Portable Retrofit Unit

Weight 6.3 kg
Operating Time 11 hours (Time of initiating the use)
Charging Time Empty to Full Less than 10 hours off
Image Display Speed Preview display speed: approx. 3 sec.
Cycle Time Approx. 17 sec.

CS-7 Portable hardware specifications

CPU Intel Core i5-2520M vPro processor 2.50 GHz or higher
Memory Standard 4GB
OS Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (32 bit)
Hard disk 250 GB or more
Input / output port Ethernet: 10 base-T / 100base-TX / 1000base-T
USB: 3ports or more
Keyboard PC built-in keyboard
Monitor 12.1 inches or above, 1280×800 or above
Sound Audio function available
Power requirements AC 100V-250V (Single phase 50/60 Hz)
Power consumption Max. about 60W
Standard (for MDD) Conforms to the standrds that the CE marking requires
Major accessories Power cable
Recommended storage and usage environment conditions During operation Temperature: 5 to 35℃
Humidity: 30 to 80 RH (Ensure no water condensation)
In storage Temperature: -20 to 35℃
Humidity: 30 to 80 RH (Ensure no water condensation)
These product specifications may change for improvement without notice.

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