Giving Shape to Ideas


AeroDR PREMIUM 14×17 inch flat panel detector

It is top model of AeroDR series. AeroDR PREMIUM(AeroDR SYSTEM 2) was designed with input from customers worldwide to meet their most important needs.

High Image Quality

Scintillator technology

AeroDR offers a "needle crystal" CsI scintillator developed and manufactured by KonicaMinolta. The "needle crystal" CsI scintillator is a proprietary method to apply CsI developed over research and manufacturing experience to deliver high DQE.

High Image Quality

High image quality at low x-ray dose compaing CR

The optimal combination of the AeroDR detector using a Konica Minolta CsI scintillator combined with the newly developed low noise readout ICs deliver high DQE.

detective Quantum Efficiency

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