Giving Shape to Ideas

AeroDR New Standard 14×17 inch flat panel detector

A KonicaMinolta launched New Standard Panel the "AeroDR 2 1417S"(14×17-inch) by redesigning the current standard model(AeroDR 1417S) and ading the AeroSync function for added convenience.

AeroDR SYSTEM 2 1417S flat panel detector

In room solutuion

As AeroDR 2 1417S has AeroSync function, existing analogue or CR system can be upgraded to cassette type DR system.

Mobile solutuion

AeroDR 2 1417S portable retrofit system can upgrade existing analogue X-ray unit to a portable DR system. Key components are panel, console PC and a access point*4.
AeroDR portable retrofit system serves versatility from bed side exposure till ICU, ER, OR and other exposure environment.

Portable solutuion

A Konica Minolta can offer a mobile DR system with AeroDR 2 1417S for home care, disaster medicine. As system components such as panel, console PC and a access point*4 and Battery charging unit can be packed in Konica Minolta special designed carrying bag, users can carry the system easily.

Rapid cycle time

A AeroDR 2 1417S introduces rapid cycle time, reducing the time needed for image processing to six seconds to improve comfort while increasing productivity.

High performance power cell

■Fast charge
Lithium ion capacitor charges from 0 to 100% in 13 minutes.

As lithium ion capacitor is hard to generate heat, it is safe to take examas while the panel is faced to a patient body.

■Long battery life
Expected battery life is the same as one of AeroDR main body. It is unnecessary to replace the battery.

Reliable AeroSync

A AeroSync is the automatic exposure detection from KonicaMinolta that allows exposures without connection to X-ray generator. Konica Minolta evaluated operation cases which we can improve DR operation by AeroSync. We are going to expand wireless cassette type DR market by AeroSync not only to HP market also Clinic market, home care, disaster medicine.

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