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ImagePilot AeroDR

ImagePilot AeroDR

AeroDR was created in the pursuit of to offer lower doses and high image quality.
It is also light-weight and boasts superior drop impact resistance.
The ImagePilot image diagnosis workstation is simple to operate.
By combining these two devices, Konica Minolta has created an all-in-one DR solution that improves patient care.

Wireless Digital Radiography Detector AeroDR

  • Crystalline CsI Scintillator-Higher DQE, lower dose
  • Light Weight – only 2.9kg(6.4 lbs)
  • Lithium Capacitor –safer, lower power,longer life
  • Monocoque Design –compact stranded carbon fiber, greater cassette integrity, no battery door


All-in-One Workstation ImagePilot

  • ImagePilot includes : Console + viewer + storage
  • All-in-One DR system – efficient workflow, easy to maintain
  • AutoPilot Image Processing – single click image acquisition

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