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Dry Film



  • Sharp, clear images are assured by optimized control of image tones for CT, MRI, and other image modalities.
    Special new anti-halation technology increases image sharpness.
  • Designed for linear gradations from low-through high-density areas, SD-P/SD-PC delivers excellent diagnostic clarity in the processed image.
  • Daylight packaging makes the film easy to handle.(Film is available in the following sized, 14×17inch(35x43cm), 14x14inch(35x35cm), 11x14inch, 125 sheets per box.)
  • The film is available in a vivid blue or clear base type, to allow selection of the appropriate film for the application.



Dry image recording film SD-Q / SD-QC does not require a WET process. When storing and handling film, be sure to observe the following.

Storing and handling unused film
After conforming that film is packaged, store unused film, like ordinary film, in a cool, dark place(recommended temperature:10-23℃(50-73°F)) where it will not be affected by radiation. If film is stored in a place where temperature is more than 30℃(86°F)for a long period of time, the quality of the film may change. When storing film in a film storage, it should be stored in a place where temperature is not likely to rise.

Storing and handling processed film(image)

  1. As heat-processed-type film is susceptible to high temperature or strong sunlight even after it’s processed, it should be stored in a cool, dark place. When storing film for a long period of time, be sure to place it in a film bag and store it in a place where temperature is 25℃(77°F) or below. The rise in density or discoloration may occur more frequently as the temperature rises.
  2. If the film stored at a temperature of 40℃(104°F)or higher, this may cause density changes or discoloration even over a short period of storage. Avoid leaving the film in a car in daytime, or using it with a hot lamp etc.
  3. As the film is susceptible to strong sunlight as well as temperature, avoid exposing it to direct sunlight, or leaving it on a viewing screen for a long time,

Dry film should not be cleaned with alcohol or cleaning agent that may cause density blotching and other defects. The film is resistant to water, so it may be cleaned with a soft cloth dampened with water.

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