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DRYPRO SIGMAⅡ Specifications

Laser Source Semiconductor Laser
Film Size 14”x17”(35x43cm), 11”x14”(28x35cm), 10”x12”(25x30cm),
and 8”x10”(20x25cm) selectable
Film Dry Imaging Recording film SD-S
125sheets per cartrige
Memory 2GB
Pixel Size 50μm (508 dpi)
Processing capability 14x17-inch size sheets approximately 70 sheets/hour
8x10-inch size sheets approximately 110 sheets/hour
Network connection Ethernet 10 BASE-T / 100BASE-T / 1000BASE-T
Film supply Daylight setting
Number of Supply Tray 2ch
Output grades 14bit (16384 grades)
Network Connectivity DICOM Print Management SCP
Operating condition 15-33℃(59-91F) 20-80% RH, non-condensing
Power 90-130V(50/60Hz) 9A
180-264V (50/60Hz) 4.5A
Dimensions W626mm x D649mm x H666mm
Weights 79kg
Footprint 0.41m2

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