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The DRYPRO 832 dry laser imager is more than just a compact printer. It delivers excellent productivity, boasting an unparalleled time to first print of 50 seconds and support of five film sizes - from 14X17 in. to 8X10 in. This full-spec, "tabletop," laser imager doesn't sacrifice performance or versatility.

World's fastest first printing time *1

Time to first print, a major speed and productivity parameter, has been greatly improved to a short 50 seconds, dramatically enhancing productivity and workflow.

*1: as of March 2007

Five film sizes and two trays *2

Five film sizes are available (14×17in., 14×14 in., 11×14 in., 10×12 in., and 8×10 in.,) And by installing an additional film supply tray, two film sizes can be used at the same time, for example, 14×17 in. and 11×14 in., or 14×17 in. and 8×10 in..

*2: Optional


The DRYPRO 832 is very user friendly. It is easy to use, warms up quickly, and is very quiet.
A clearly visible status light changes color to indicate “Ready”, “Printing”, and “Film Empty” conditions.

Environment-friendly design

The excellent low-noise design assures a pleasant environment. The actual running noise has been tuned to a low tone with a reduced high-temperature range, so that it gives the impression of being quieter than it actually is. While the overall noise has been suppressed, particular attention has been given to the standby noise, ensuring a quiet environment for clinics where standby operation accounts for most of the usage time.

Stable operation with no HDD

Hard drives store system software and data and, with that, there is always a risk that the disc will crash, bringing operation to a standstill. With the DRYPRO 832, we have eliminated the hard drive and introduced a design where the essential system software is run from compact flash memory and image data is managed by an external computer (CS-2/3 or Printlink5-IN), thereby contributing to stable operation.

Networking by Printlink

With its flexible networking capability, the Printlink print management system provides the ideal output solution in a variety of environments, enabling output from multiple Regius consoles (CS-2/3) and printing from DICOM modalities. By using Printlink IV/ID(sold separately), you can also connect to non-DICOM modalities.

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