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Konica Minolta technology pursues the ultimate performance in dry medical laser imagers. With the DRYPRO 832HG,
superior image quality, ultra-high speed printing and increased cost effectiveness are all included in this very compact laser imager.

World's fastest first printing time *1

Time to first print, a major speed and productivity parameter, has been greatly improved to a short 50 seconds, the world's fastest time*1. This is achieved by significantly shortening the film path and using a higher speed dry imaging film (SD-Q, SD-QC).

*1: As of September 2007

Designed for high throughput printing

The DRYPRO 832HG has a precision temperature control system that enables stable imaging during high throughput printing. This new feature monitors the film temperature history that controls both heating and cooling. Combined with the higher speed SD-Q and SD-QC dry imaging film, the DRYPRO 832HG achieves a processing capacity of approximately 180 sheets per hour (of mixed sizes).

Five film sizes and two trays *2

Five film sizes are available (14×17 in., 14×14 in., 11×14 in., 10×12 in., and 8×10 in.,) And by installing an additional film supply tray, two film sizes can be used at the same time, for example, 14 ×17 in. and 11×14 in., or 14×17 in. and 8x10 in..

*2: Optional

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