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Printlink Series

Network functions designed for open and flexible environments.

Unit System PrintlinkIII Series Accommodate Imager Network Environment

The Printlink III print management system ca convert image signal (video / digital / network) output from modalities to image data that compiles with worldwide standard DICOM 3.0 (Print Management Service Class).
Up to eight units of DICOM-compatible imagers can be connected one PrintlinkIII unit as output destinations, making back-up system setup simple. With the auto character recongnition fuction(optionally available), patient data such as name, ID. Etc. can be added to image data from each modality that does not support DICOM, and transferred to DICOM servers and viewers in DICOM 3.0(Storage Service Class) from.

PrintlinkIII lineup

PrintlinkIII-IV Video signal connection
PrintlinkIII-ID Digital signal connection
PrintlinkIII-IN Network connection

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