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Acies Mammo Viewer License

Specifications (Acies main server)

Server Body HDD 1.5TB(750GBx3,RAID5)
Optical Drive DVD-R drive
Image Input Max 10 channels
DICOM Support Storage(SCU,SCP) Q/R(SCP) Print(SCU) GSPS(SCP)
Image Output Host 1ch/Imager 1ch/Client simultaneous connection max 5ch (including main server)
Size(WxDxH) 175x460x478mm
Weight/Power About 14.5kg/AC 100V 650W
Viewer Function Display Grayscale, Window level change, Pan, Zoom in/out, Magnifying glass, Cine, Comparison display, Mammo display, 3D display(MPR/MIP/MinIP)
Annotation Line, Rectangle, Circle, Ellipse, Freehand, Text
Offline Image Link Media input(PDI, DICOM, JPEG, Bitmap), Media output(PDI,DICOM,JPEG,Bitmap)
Others Summary report, Imager output, Paper print,
Electric Storage Storage Media Write on DVD-R, Confirmation step(use recommended media)
LOG Management Electric Storage history, Patient information correction history
User Certification Login(into Viewer)history certification, Issuing authorization to user

The above specifications may be subject to change without notice for the purpose of performance improvement.

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