Medium-Term Business Plan

Trend in Revenue, Operating Profit Margin and MTP Target (KPI)

As of November 1, 2019

Yearly trend of Revenue[¥billions]/OPM[%]

KPI Fiscal 2021 Management targets


Operating profit Operating profit ratio Profit attributable to owners of the company ROE
¥100.0 billion 10.0% ¥70.0 billion 11.0%


Life cycle CO₂ emissions Revenue of sustainable green products
50% reduction(compared to fiscal 2005) ¥770.0 billion

Fiscal 2017 marked the first year under our Medium Term Business Plan called SHINKA 2019. The Konica Minolta Group’s business results for this important year featured higher profit on higher revenue, including consolidated revenue of ¥131.2 billion, up 7.1% year on year, and operating profit of ¥53.8 billion, up 7.4%.

Medium Term Business Plan "G PLAN 2013"

<May 12, 2011>

Medium Term Business Plan "V-5 PLAN"

<March 25, 2005>

Medium Term Business Plan

<July 2004>

* Updates of all data, including financial highlights for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2004

Medium Term Business Plan -- Integration Phase --

<March 19, 2004>

Basic Guidelines for Business Strategies

<August 28, 2003>

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