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Q What kind of product is the inkjet evaluation system EB150?
A This product is intended for customers considering the development of systems such as inkjet printers and inkjet devices using Konica Minolta printheads. EB150 is a system that drives Konica Minolta printheads. Combined use of the EB150 with dedicated drive circuit boards (KMDBS01A and KBDML01A) provided as accessories, enables the implementation of processes such as Konica Minolta iprinthead evaluation and testing.
Q Which Konica Minolta printheads can be used with EB150?
A The EB150 can be used in combination with the dedicated drive circuit board KMDBS01A for the evaluation of KM512 series and with KMDBL01A for the evaluation of KM1024 series.
Q What is the configuration of EB150?
A The EB150 configuration comprises a power supply, memory circuit, data transmission unit and operation application software that can be operated via a PC. The head drive unit comprises dedicated drive circuit boards KMBDS01A and KMBDL01A, use of which depends on the printhead type.
Q Does this product (EB150) include an printhead?
A Since the product has no printhead, the customer will need to purchase the required printhead separately.
Q How should I go about creating images for printing?
A The EB150 is provided with dedicated image transmission software. Images should be created in data formats matching this software (BMP or TIFF).
Q Which inks can be used with this system?
A Konica Minolta printheads can be used with inks such as solvent, UV and oil types. In addition, separate parts (e.g. UV lamp for use of UV ink), protective gear or other equipment may be required depending on the ink used.
Q What tasks can the EB150 perform? Could you give some specific examples?
A A test printer can be created in combination with elements such a stage and ink supply system, and evaluation carried out including processes such as ink-compatibility verification and actual printing.
Q Can this product be used for printing?
A Operational units such as an ink supply system and XYZ stage would be required for printing.
Please make inquiries for further details.
Q I want to exchange NDA documents upon purchase.
A A standard NDA template is available from Konica Minolta IJ. The agreement may start from the first business meeting.
Q How can I buy the systems?
A Please contact the business development division of Konica Minolta IJ. Click here to use the inquiry form. A sales contract should be signed before shipping of the products.

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