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Frequently Asked Questions

Q What is this product for?
A This product is a inkjet print unit for label printing such as barcodes. To acutally use it as a print system, a media transport system must be provided by customers.
Q What functions are implemented in the unit?
A It consists of a print head unit with drive electronics, an ink supply system, and a head maintenance unit.
Media transport function is not included.
Q What are the advantageous features of the unit?
A 30m/min print speed, a wide media width of 212 mm, 360dpi resolution, safe and low odour cationic UV ink compatible with various media are listed in comparison to other similar systems.
Q What kind of applications does this system fit for?
A Among other applications, commercial label printing is most suited to this print unit. Short run, short lead-time or variable data priniting of barcodes, tags and addresses can easily be operated with SP-L2130.
Q What type of media can be used? Are there any restrictions/limitations?
A A wide range of media is applicable thanks to the nature of UV ink, such as coated and non-coated paper, PET and other flexible films.
Q What is the “cationic” UV ink that is used in the unit? Does it have any advantage over usual UV inks?
A This ink has been developed and commercialized by Konica Minolta. Compared with “radical” UV inks, it presents no health hazards, has low odour and superior curing characteristics.
Q How many meters can be printed with 1 litter of ink?
A It depends on the image size and coverage. Typically 360,000 of 5cm×10cm labels can be printed.
Q How can I perform the maintenance of the print unit? Isn't it difficult?
A No it isn't. Just follow the instructions shown on the PC screen.
Q How frequentry is the maintenance required?
A Once per hour during continuous print opeartion is recommended.
Q How can I integrate this unit to our existing print system?
A This unit is designed to be flexibly assembled to user print systems.
Our technical staff will cooperate with the print system manufacturer for integration.

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