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Nassenger PRO 1000

The world’s fastest print speed of 1000m2/hour by scan type

Nassenger PRO 1000


Realization of the world’s fastest print speed of 1000m2

The newly-designed printhead carriage realizes a maximum print speed of 1000m2/hour (540 x 360dpi). In addition, realization of high standard print speed of 600m2/hour.

Printing Mode 540x360dpi 1000m2/h
540x720dpi 600m2/h
900x360dpi 730m2/h
900x720dpi 420m2/h
Minimum Resolution 360dpi、Maximum Resolution 1440dpi

Newly-developed high-speed drive, high-density inkjet printhead

Newly-developed independently-driven channel printhead with a total of 1024 nozzles, each with a nozzle density of 360 npi. The inkjet printhead realizes both high quality and high speed production.

Inkjet Printhead

Highly-reliable maintenance system

An automatic printhead maintenance system unique to KonicaMinolta is adopted to realize stable print production. This system regularly checks the printhead nozzle status to enable stable print quality and uninterrupted production,and helps minimize labor costs by automation. In addition, the system is furnished with a remote maintenance function to make it possible to perform maintenance tasks such as device diagnostics and remote operation via the network.

Safe fabric transport design to prevent problems

Features such as a fabric wrinkle-detection function and concave printhead-nozzle surface design prevent fabric from colliding with the printhead carriage to realize unfailing prevention of transport problems.

Safe fabric transport design

High-quality 9-color dye ink

The former 8 colors have been upgraded to 9 colors to realize the rich color expressivity required of textile printers. The increased number of colors enhances color gamut, color reproducibility and graininess. The ink lineup comprises reactive-dye, disperse-dye and acid-dye types.
These inks have been proven through a wide range of tests to be safe to the human body and are also robust types resistant to laundering and abrasion.

9 colors

Large-capacity 40 L ink tanks

Furnished with new large-capacity ink supply system to enhance productivity and work performance. Two 20L ink tanks are set up for each color, one on top and one on the bottom, to provide a total of 40 L of ink for extended printing tasks.

Two 20L ink tanks are set up for each color, one on top and one on the bottom

Easy operation realizes enhanced work performance

A newly-designed operation panel that features a touch screen in place of the former keyboard is used in the Nassenger PRO Series to improve work performance.

Inkjet textile printing friendly to the global environment

Inkjet textile printing systems represent a global-environment-friendly method of printing.
Compared to the older screen textile printing method, inkjet textile printing realizes savings in power consumption and significant reductions in waste and CO2 emissions.

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