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Nassenger PRO 1000

The world’s fastest print speed of 1000m2/hour by scan type

Nassenger PRO 1000


nassenger_pro1000 - Specifications -

Product Name Nassenger PRO 1000
Technology Drop on-demand piezo inkjet technology
Printhead  1024 nozzles water-based inkjet printhead × 81 pcs
Ink Type Reactive dye TYPE-P Yellow, Extra Magenta, Cyan, Black, Orange, Blue, Pink, Grey, Sky 
Disperse dye Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black, Light Magenta, Light Cyan, Light Black, Red, Violet
Printing Width Maximum 1,850㎜ 
Fabric Thickness Maximum  10mm   automatic adjustment
Printing Mode 540x360dpi 1000m2/h
540x720dpi 600m2/h
900x360dpi 730m2/h
900x720dpi 420m2/h
Minimum Resolution 360dpi、Maximum Resolution 1440dpi
Operating Environment Mechanical Operating Condition 15~30℃ 40~70%RH
Quality assurance Printing Condition 20~28℃ 40~70%RH 
Maintenance of Printhead Printhead Cleaning Wet cleaning
Nozzle Detection Faulty nozzle detected by laser beam
Capping Wet capping
Ink Supply System Configuration Motor-driven pump supply
Ink tank( 20 liter tank 9 × 2 )
Ink rack Original 20 liter tank
Dimensions Printer W 6,140 × D 815 × H 1,720(mm)
Ink rack W3,220 × D970 × H 1,140 (mm)
Weight Printer Approx. 3,500kg
Ink rack Approx. 400kg (without ink)
RIP RIP software required
Power Supply AC200-240 Single-phase 50/60Hz 60A
Details set out are current of April 2013.
The product specification is subject to change without prior notice.
Nassenger PRO1000 includes a scanning unit and a fabric transport unit. To complete printing, a un-winder,a dryer and a winder are required.

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