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Nassenger PRO 60

Realization of an all-in-one inkjet textile printing solution

Nassenger PRO 60


High-density, high-performance water-based inkjet printhead

With nine 512-nozzle high-density printheads developed by Konica Minolta. Wide slim printhead enables compact head-carriage design. In addition, the on-demand shared-mode piezo heads are environmentally considerate and energy saving.

Equipped wih high speed multi-nozzle inkjet printheads

Maximum print speed: 60m2 / hour

Compatible with high to low-speed production of 9m2 – 60m2 / hour and short-run sample printing to high volume printing.
Capable of printing high-quality images.

Textile unwinding, printing, drying and textile winding functions all in one

Integration of textile unwinder, printer, dryer and textile winder to produce a compact all-in-one print system with a footprint of approximately 10m2.

Enhanced 9-color gamut and color reproduction

First ever 9-color compatible inkjet textile printer.
Lineup of light to dark tones and special colors based on CMYK for even richer colors.
In addition, the ink lineup features reactive-dye, disperse-dye and acid-dye types.

Capable of handling a maximum fabric width of up to 1,800 mm

Capable of handling fabric widths up to 1,800mm, the unit is ideal for a wide range of fabric printing applications ranging from clothing to interior fabrics.

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