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Nassenger VII

High printing speed maximum 210m2 per hour with a maximum fabric width of 1,850mm

Discontinued model

Nassenger VII


Equipped wih high speed multi-nozzle inkjet printheads

The 512 nozzle high-speed printhead has been developed specifically for use in Nassenger VII. Printing only when required, the piezo printheads use ink extremely efficiently.
This makes the Nassenger VII very ecnomic to use.
The shared mode design of the printhead requires only low drive voltages, and has a long service life, making the heads environmentally friendly when compared to other piezo systems.

Equipped wih high speed multi-nozzle inkjet printheads

High printing speed: maximum 210m2 per hour

The new Nassener VII uses 24 inkjet printheads and provides significantly increased production rates – up to 3.6 time more than the Nassenger V. The Nassenger VII is ideal for low volume production with very fast delivery times.

High printing speed: maximum 210m2 per hour

Maximum fabric width of 1,850mm

Capable of handling fabric widths up to 1,850mm, the unit is ideal for interior fabric applications including curtains and bedding. Nassenger VII makes a diverse range of fabric printing applications possible.

Equipped with a nozzle check function

A nozzle-check function is equipped to ensure stable jets from all nozzles. A new head nozzle-check function has been adopted to achieve major improvement in printing reliability.

Accurate production of subtle tints, tones and colour gradients

The new high-speed printhead has multi-drop print functionality that produces richer colours and smoother transitions from light to dark tones. Effects that can only be printed using inkjet are enhanced by the use of multi-drop technology.

High capacity 10L ink tanks

The 10L ink tanks built into Nassenger VII make long print runs possible and improve productivity.
Inks are supplied in 5L bottles and in-line degassing units ensure that print quality remains constant and printhead reliability is optimised.

Ink bottles (5L/each color)

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