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Nassenger VII

High printing speed maximum 210m2 per hour with a maximum fabric width of 1,850mm

Discontinued model

Nassenger VII


Nassenger VII - Specifications -

Product Name Nassenger VII
Technology Drop on-demand Piezo inkjet technology
Printhead 512 Nozzle Water-Based Inkjet Printhead × 24pcs
Ink Types Reactive Dye Ink Yellow, Cyan, Black,
Pink, Gray,
Extra Magenta, Blue, Orange
Acid Dye Ink Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black,
Light Magenta, Light Black,
Max. Printing Width 1,850mm
Min. Printing Width 100mm
Print Modes Main Scanning Resolution [dpi] 540, 720, 900
DPD Single Drop, Multi-Drop, 2-Drop
Direction Unidirectional printing, Bidirectional printing
I/L User-selectable
Sub-Scanning Resolution [dpi] 360, 540, 720, 900, 1080
Operating Environment Mechanical Operation 15~30°C 40~70%RH
Inkjet Correction Control 20~28°C 40~70%RH
Ink Supply System Mechanism  Supplied by Motor-Driven Pump
Tank Capacity 10 L /each color
Ink Bottle Dedicated Bottle (5L/each color)
Maintenance of Printhead Printhead Cleaning Wet Cleaning
Nozzle Detection  Faulty nozzle detected by laser beam
Capping   Wet Capping
Maintenance    Auto/Manual Maintenance
Dimensions Scanning Unit    W 4,446 × D 815 × H 1,450 (mm)
Fabric Transport Unit W 2,419 × D 1,411 × H 917 (mm)
Ink Supply Unit W 1,230 × D 880 × H1,250 (mm)
Weight Scanning Unit approX. 240 kg
Fabric Transport Unit approX. 300 kg
Ink Supply Unit approX. 145 kg (without ink)
RIP Supported RIP Software of Wasatch Computer Technology recommended
Transport Method Endless Belt
Power Supply Scanning Unit AC200 V Single Phase 50/60Hz Common (Japan)
AC230 V Single Phase 50Hz Common (EU)
Fabric Transport Unit
Ink Supply Unit
Details set out are current as of January 2009.
The product specification is subject to change without prior notice.
The Nassenger VII includes a scanning print unit and a precision fabric transport unit.
A separate un-winder and drier etc. will be needed to complete the print system.

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