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Konica Minolta IJ unveils KM-1, a B2 cut-sheet inkjet press for commercial use that delivers highly consistent accuracy as technology showcase at drupa 2012

Konica Minolta IJ will present B2 cut-sheet inkjet press KM-1 (development name) co-developed with KOMORI Corporation as a technology showcase at drupa 2012, one of the biggest international printing shows in the world (3 May to 16 May 2012, Messe Düsseldorf Germany)

As digitalization in commercial printing market, Konica Minolta IJ developed highly stable and reliable professional use inkjet press which applies Konica Minolta IJ's advanced inkjet technology and KOMORI Corporation's paper transportation technology based on the reputational offset press technology.

At coming drupa 2012, Konica Minolta IJ presents KM-1 in Konica Minolta booth to run live demonstration, and also show various types of printing samples.
Please come to Konica Minolta booth to see KM-1 and enjoy the breadth and scale of its technology.

KM-1 B2 cut-sheet inkjet press

  • KM-1 applies Konica Minolta original newly developed high-res print head, UV ink and unique printing process.
  • With KOMORI's paper transportation technology, KM-1 allows productivity of 3300SPH (Simplex) and 1650SPH (Duplex) at print resolution of 1200dpi x 1200dpi achieving outstanding image quality compatible to offset prints.
  • Thanks to UV ink, KM-1 can print to regular offset paper such as coated paper, non-coated paper, and art paper without special treatment before and after printing.
  • Also UV ink is cured instantly by UV LED set in KM-1, so printed papers are ready to send to finishing process immediately after printing, which contributes to shorten the over all production time.
  • KM-1 provides superb consistency such as paper feeding registration accuracy, image quality that is constant for batch to batch, and repeatability both job-over-job and day-over-day, thereby meeting essential requirements for commercial printers.
  • Easy operation, Easy maintenance

KM-1 Specifications

  B2 cut sheet inkjet press
Duplex (Duplex/Simplex: Automatic Switch by JOB)
Print Resolution 1200dpi × 1200dpi
Ink HS UV ink *1
Colours 4 Colour (5 Colour, 6 Colour in the future)
Productivity 3,300sph Simplex
1,650sph Duplex
Paper size 530mm × 750mm - 280mm × 400mm
Max. Image size 520mm × 730mm
Paper thickness 0.06mm - 0.45mm (- 0.6mm available in the future)
Printable Media Coated paper, Non-Coated paper, Art paper, Special paper
Full Variable print possible
Dimensions W 2700mm × L 5000mm × H 2400mm
Weight 6,800kg
HS UV ink : High definition, Single pass UV ink

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