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"Nassenger PRO 120 to make its Debut at SHANGHAITEX 2013"

- Textile Printer mounted with a Unique Printhead Maintenance System -

The Inkjet Business Unit of Konica Minolta. Inc. will be showcasing, for the first time, its industrial inkjet textile printer featuring a unique printhead maintenance system, "Nassenger PRO 120," the third in the "Nassenger PRO Series," at "SHANGHAITEX 2013" in Shanghai, China, a major textile machinery exhibition from June 10th to 13th.

"Nassenger PRO 120" is a high-performance inkjet textile printer with double the printing speed of Nassenger PRO 60 that was launched last year and features independently-driven water-based high-density inkjet printheads with the capability to handle production ranging from samples to small-run. Mounted with independently-driven water-based high-density inkjet printheads, "Nassenger PRO 120" is capable of realization of a maximum printing speed of 120m2/hour. In addition, a unique printhead maintenance system has been furnished to enable smooth overnight or continuous long-run printing. This system ensures stable printing quality and contributes to reduction of the workload for the operator. Only with a footprint of approximately 15m2, "Nassenger PRO 120" has also a dryer and textile winder as optional equipments to realize a total inkjet printing solution that incorporates unwinding, printing, drying and winding functions. The 9-color ink gamut enables beautiful reproduction of designs and vivid colors achievable only by digital printing.

Konica Minolta will also be exhibiting this new printer at "FESPA 2013," a trade fair that showcases digital printers in London, UK from June 25th to 29th.

Major features

High-density 1024-nozzle independently-driven inkjet printheads

Mounted with 9 high-density water-based inkjet printheads. The printheads feature an independent drive system that allows simultaneous emission from each nozzle to realize high productivity. These are high-performance inkjet printheads designed exclusively for the Nassenger PRO Series.

Maximum Print Speed of 120m2/hour

Capable of print speed of 120m2/hour, twice the speed of PRO60. Production ranging from sample printing to high volume printing can be handled by a single unit.

Konica Minolta’s unique Automatic Printhead Maintenance System

Stable emission from inkjet printheads is essential to ensure consistent print quality. PRO120 is equipped with an ink empty detection by laser and automatic printhead maintenance functions to enable extended continuous production with stability and contribute to labor saving.

Reinforcement of extended continuous Print Support Functions

Support functions have been reinforced to enable smooth overnight or extended printing. New functions including fabric-wrinkle detection, fabric-end detection and a function that displays print track records in real time.

Total Solution for Inkjet Textile Printer

PRO120 is furnished with a dryer and winder to provide a total solution that encompasses the entire process from unwinding to printing, drying and winding. The product footprint is approximately 15m2.

Major Specifications

Technology Drop on-demand piezo inkjet technology
Printhead 1024 nozzles water-based inkjet printhead × 9pcs
Ink Type Reactive dye ink TYPE-P Yellow, Extra Magenta, Cyan, Black, Orange, Blue, Pink, Gray, Sky
Maximum Printing Width 1,850mm
Fabric thickness 10mm Automatic adjustment mechanism
Printing Mode 540×360dpi 120m2/hour
540×720dpi 60m2/hour
540×1080dpi 40m2/hour
900×720dpi 26m2/hour
Dimensions W 4,830 × D 1,740 × H 2,080 (mm) * includes Tower Lamp
Weight Approx.1,600kg
Power Supply AC200-240V 50/60Hz Single-Phase 12A
(Dryer & Winder)
Fabric Width 1,850mm
Winding Roller Maximum diameter 400mm
Control Automatic drive by printer(Nassenger STANDARD I/O)
Dimensions W 2,760 × D710 × H 1,160 (mm)
Weight Approx.210kg
Power Supply AC200-240V 50/60Hz Single-Phase 20A
The product specification is subject to change without prior notice.

Konica Minolta, Inc. Inkjet Business Unit
Tel : +81 42-589-3702

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