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Launch of New High-speed Drive Inkjet Printhead for Ceramic Printing “KM1024i”

Konica Minolta. Inc. will be launching “KM1024i,” a new industrial inkjet printhead featuring three times the drive speed of the current model this month.

“KM1024i” is an on-demand piezo industrial inkjet printhead featuring a system for independent nozzle channel drive different to the existing 3-cycle drive system. The independent drive technology enables realization of high-speed drive three times faster than the current “KM1024” Series.

This increased speed is ideal for industrial inkjet printers (e.g. Ceramic and label printers) that demand ever-higher levels of productivity. Features such as the ink-tolerant head structure and high-performance built-in heater enable realization of stable print quality for use with high-viscosity inks for ceramics printing. In addition, “KM1024i” features a slim, compact body to contribute to downsizing during printer development. Moreover, “KM1024i” is an approved green product that incorporates only approximately one-third of the petroleum-derived materials and toxic chemicals used in the current “K1024.”

There is a growing demand for inkjet printing systems suitable for high-mix, small-lot printing for ceramic printing applications such as printing of patterns on exterior wall materials and tiles in countries including Spain, Italy, China and South America, and it is anticipated that this demand will continue to increase in the future. This product attracted great attention from many visitors from the printing industry at “drupa2012,” the world’s largest trade show for printing equipment held in Germany in May last year. This new “KM1024i” lineup will further consolidate our range of industrial inkjet printheads and enable us to comply with the needs of a wide diversity of customers.

Major features

  • Inkjet Printhead featuring an All-nozzle Independent Drive Technology with a Multi-line Structure
  • Maximum Drive Frequency (45 kHz) approximately 3 Times greater than that of the KM1024 Series
  • Head Structure featuring Stable Emission Performance and Outstanding Ink Tolerance
  • Appropriate Control of Ink Temperature by the High-performance Built-in Heater
  • Capable of Printing of a Maximum of 8 drop sizes, High Resolution Nozzles of 360 npi
  • Environmentally-considerate Product with Green Product Approval


Product Name  KM1024iMHE
 Technology Drop on-demand piezo inkjet technology
 Drive system Independent nozzle channel drive
 Nozzle Pitch 360npi ( 90npi x 4lines )
 Number of Nozzles 1024 ( 256 x 4lines )
 Drop Size 13pl
 Max Frequency  45kHz
 Printing Width 72mm
 Dimensions W131mm x D18mm x H94mm
 Weight Approx. 150g
 Grey Scale 8 levels
 Available inks Solvent、UV、Oil

Specifications above could be changed without any announcement.

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