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Konica Minolta will launch new inkjet printheads with increased resolution and print speed, along with compatibility with wide range of inks: Mass production to start in spring 2016

Utilizing independently developed MEMS technology, Konica Minolta developed novel bend-mode printheads with three-dimensionally arrayed and highly-dense nozzles. Our proprietary robust design has realized both high-resolution and high-accuracy jetting. Based on our long-fostered material technologies, in addition, the new printheads have improved their durability to inks, ranging from low- to high-viscosity inks, and to various types of solvents.
As the new printheads can print with higher resolution than existing products, they have improved applicability to commercial printing and label printing which require higher resolution as 1200 dpi. They can also be used for new applications, e.g. Printed Electronics, which need higher jetting accuracy.


  ME130H MC160H ML160H
Number of Nozzles 1024 1024 1024
Frequency Max:100kHz Max:70kHz Max:70kHz
Print Width 21.65mm 43.3mm 43.3mm
Drop Size 3.0pl 6.0pl 6.0pl
Resolution 1200npi 600npi 300npi×2 colors
Grey Scale 8 levels
Ink Type Water-Based, Solvent, UV, Oil Ink
Dimensions 32×38×65mm 80×29×61mm 80×29×61mm
Weight c.a.60g c.a.80g c.a.90g

Details set out are current as of July 2015. The product specification is subject to change without prior notice.

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