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NASSENGER SP-1, an ultra-high-speed inkjet textile printer using a single pass system, will be launched at the End of 2015.
Konica Minolta starts demonstrations in Italy in September, and showcasing the technology at an international exhibition, ITMA 2015, in November.

NASSENGER SP-1 is characterized by advanced features such as ultra-high speed, high productivity and high resolution, which are made possible by Konica Minolta’s expertise in developing and producing all printheads, printing mechanisms and inks for inkjet textile printers.


  • NASSENGER SP-1 employs a single pass system that prints on a fabric (medium) as the fabric is fed under a fixed print unit. This model boasts a much higher print speed than a scan-type printer that prints by moving a printhead carriage back and forth.
  • The model incorporates newly developed printheads that can eject smaller ink droplets than conventional printers and Konica Minolta’s proprietary ink ejection control technology, which enables the ink droplet size to be adjusted (large, medium, and small), thus achieving higher-quality reproduction of fine patterns and color gradients.
  • For minimized downtime, the model is equipped with functionality that compensates for errors detected by printhead nozzle sensors, and able to adjust density uniformly for each color on all of the printhead modules, thanks to density correction functions using image sensors.

NASSENGER SP-1 demonstration

Konica Minolta has set up a demonstration room in Konica Minolta IJ Textile Europe, a sales subsidiary established in Como, Milan, the center of the textile printing industry in Europe. We give demonstrations of NASSENGER SP-1 for prospective customers starting from September 2015. Please contact us through the below link.

ITMA 2015

ITMA is the largest textile machinery exhibition in the world, held every four years. ITMA 2015 will be held from November 12 to 19 in Fiera Milan (Rho), where Konica Minolta will showcase the technology of NASSENGER SP-1 at its booth C108 in Hall 18.
We are going to hold our daily bass-tours for hands-on demonstration of the NASSENGER SP-1 at Konica Minolta IJ Textile Europe during the ITMA2015 show.

For more information of this products and print demonstration, please contact us through the below link;

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