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Konica Minolta Expands the Lineup of Fluorescent Color Inks
for the NASSENGER Series

October 21, 2016

Konica Minolta’s Inkjet Business Unit (Konica Minolta IJ) is pleased to announce the addition of two colors – fluorescent yellow and fluorescent pink – to our lineup of inks to dye nylon( acid dye inks) for the NASSENGER series of inkjet textile printers.

Main features

  • Vivid colors and high fluorescence intensity
  • Greater reliability that matches the functionality of the NASSENGER systems
  • Higher dye fastness

Ms. Masami Kato of the 1st R&D Group, R&D Division, Konica Minolta IJ, who was in charge of developing the new fluorescent color acid dye inks, commented as follows.

Cloth Samples Printed with Fluorescent Color Inks

I’m pleased to report that our newly developed fluorescent inks are ready to be launched. By leveraging the chemical technology and know-how which Konica Minolta has developed for many years, we were able to optimize the characteristics of fluorescent dyes. As one of the developers, I hope that these new inks will not only enable users to reproduce a wider range of designs but also help them better demonstrate their originality and gain greater pleasure from their creativity.

Background to the development

There is growing demand for fluorescent colors, especially among manufacturers of competition swimsuits, cycling gear and other sports apparel, as well as fashion apparel manufacturers who place special importance on the originality of designs. Meanwhile, in the market, manufacturers are taking an increasing interest in adding value to nylon products with colorful, attractive patterns, by using inkjet textile printers that can meet the need for small-lot, wide-variety production.

To cater to these needs, Konica Minolta IJ developed two new color inks, fluorescent yellow and fluorescent pink, by applying its proprietary material design and processing technologies. These new inks will start shipping in October 2016 for use with our latest inkjet textile printer models, NASSENGER 10 and NASSENGER 8, which were launched in 2015.

Currently, Konica Minolta IJ offers a lineup of acid dye inks in nine colors*. With the addition of these two new fluorescent colors, we are ready to better serve customers who are seeking to create a wider variety of designs with high value-added printing.

The nine colors are: yellow, magenta, cyan, black, orange, blue, light magenta, light cyan, and light black.

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