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What we can all do

Reduce garbage

Tell us, Prof. Konica Minolta! Why reduce garbage?

Because garbage spoils our natural environment
Everyone, do you know where your garbage goes after you throw it away? In the end, it ends up in the land and in the water, scattered around our planet. The land around areas where garbage piles up becomes spoiled. Reducing the amount of garbage we throw away is good for our animal friends too. So using recyclable and reusable products has twice the environmental benefits!

What all of us can do

First, consider how you shop

Make a shopping list so you know what you are buying before you go out – this is good to avoid "impulse buying". Before buying the latest product, ask yourself if it is really something you need. Choose products that use the simplest packaging. And products that you can use for a long time are always better than disposable ones.

Before throwing something away, ask yourself if it can be reused

Do you have any younger friends that you could give your outgrown clothes, desks, etc. to? And recycling wrapping paper into envelopes and book covers can be fun, too!

Properly separate recyclables

Following the proper rules for separating recyclables when you are throwing away garbage!

Consider this idea!
I have a one-piece dress that doesn't fit me anymore. I wonder if I can re-use the material? I'll get mom to teach me to use the sewing machine, and make a handmade bag out of it!

We're doing our part too! Konica Minolta's plan

Recycle waste into new resources!

If we just toss out used laser jet print cartridges, they become trash. But if we collect them up, we can turn them into a valuable resource. Konica Minolta collects used cartridges to recycle them for use in new products.

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